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Competition and the U11 Transition Year

At this age, player development is advanced in a competitive environment. This is an important and critical year as it begins the transition from House League to Divisional play. This transition shows the kids what can be expected in the years to come and help them decide at what level they wish to play. The U11 teams play for one more year in the Burnaby District but the focus shifts to competition. All teams play in the same Burnaby District league and their position in the standings at the end of the season helps the club decide which division the teams will enter the following fall. As the teams move forward into the older age groups winning any division leads to promotion and losing, or in some cases coming second or even third from bottom, leads to an adjustment in division class.

The Tiered Team Approach (U11)

At the discretion of the technical staff, the club may choose to field an Elite team in any given age group. Circumstances that would encourage this to happen include:

1.A volunteer coach and a body of talented players who are willing to commit to year-round soccer.

2.A league structure that supports tiered teams.

3.A discrepancy in talent between the best and worst players in the program that the technical staff believes would hinder the development of all the players.

Elite players on a tiered team are expected to train once a week and play in a league thru the winter. These teams are selected based on ability and also commitment. Players that do not want to commit over the winter should play on the strong second team.