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Soccer Principles
The structure of the BC Coastal Boys Soccer League and Provincial play is founded on two soccer principles that are not always obvious to people new to the game.

League Position over Play-offs

People new to soccer often wonder why there are no playoffs. Unlike other North American sports, the mark of true success in soccer is winning the league. There are no playoffs (the MLS league that the Vancouver Whitecaps play in is the one exception in the world of professional soccer). There are knockout cup competitions that run in tandem with the league but the team that ends up top of the league at the end of the season are the champions. This is the reason that consistent commitment throughout the season is so important for our players. Teams cannot lose games in the middle of the season while players are away in the knowledge that they will be back for the playoffs. In soccer, every game counts towards the championship. In cup competition a great team can have a bad game and be knocked out of the cup; over the course of a twenty game season the best team ends up on top.

Team Placement

Professional soccer leagues around the world also feature promotion and demotion. This also distinguishes soccer from other North American sports and changes our approach to team and player development. The teams that finish top in a country's second tier division will be promoted into the higher division and teams finishing bottom will be demoted to the division beneath them. This process insures that teams are playing the correct ability level and the kids have the most enjoyable experience they can.