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Registration Information and Policy

  • Registration deadline is TBA.
  • All registrations must be done online through our Blue Star Registration System. There will be no in-person registration.
  • Registration fee payments can be made online by credit card (VISA or MasterCard) only. CHEQUES OR CASH ACCEPTED AT THE DISCRETION OF THE CLUB TREASURER.
  • If you are applying for KidSport, or Jumpstart, please contact The Wesburn FC Registrar before completing registration for further instruction.
  • As per BC Soccer regulations, all players must play in their respective age group. The club registration system will automatically place the players’ by year of birth. The Technical Director must approve any exceptions.
  • Players registered with another club for the same season are prohibited from registering until they can prove they have been released from the previous club.
  • International Students, aged 10 to 17, must follow the BC Soccer International Transfer Procedure before continuing with registration.
Registrations made by June 30th:
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Registration fees

Player Development

Wesburn Football Club believes that investing in the success of our local youth is the cornerstone for positive achievements both on and off the soccer field. The more passionate the heart is for the beautiful game, the easier the game will become. This motto is the mantra and essence of how player development is approached by the Wesburn Football Club. We are unwavering in our commitment to the long term player development approach with every player and with every team. We are committed to all of our players regardless of their level of play.

This is not a soccer club for elite athletes only. This is a club for players who have the desire to improve and for players who enjoy the game. We are passionate in the belief that we will do the best job possible to nurture and develop your child's growth as a young athlete, responsible teammate and local citizen.

Under the Technical Directors ever watchful eye the coaching team of WYSC have an open door training policy to all youth who desire to play at any appropriate level. While we are committed to providing the best opportunities for the most serious player, we are also very concerned about the impact that "tracking" and "pigeonholing" players at too young of an age can have on the overall development of the individuals in our organization. Our philosophy means keeping winning in perspective and it means focusing on the bigger picture of giving each of our players challenges each season and each year.

WFC is committed to utilize advanced level training techniques that promote accelerated skill improvement and unselfish team play. This approach is focused on polishing player abilities in preparation for subsequent years of development and on into their lives after soccer. Our training team have a progressive minded style that is open to various strategies to improve the overall ability of each player.

With player development goals in mind WFC is an active supporter of the Long Term Player Development (LTPD) model. LTPD is a CSA soccer-specific adaptation of the Long-Term Athlete Development model (LTAD) developed by Canadian Sport Centres. LTAD is a scientific model for periodized athlete training and development that respects and utilizes the natural stages of physical, mental, and emotional growth in athletes. Like the LTAD program, LTPD is designed to:

  1. Promote lifelong enjoyment of physical activity.
  2. Provide a structured player development pathway.
  3. Describe best practices for elite player development.
  4. Create long-term excellence.

Field Status

A Link to Burnaby Fields Availability

Click on the picture below and you will be directed to the City of Burnaby Sports Field Status website.

A Link to Lower Mainland Field Availability

Click on the picture below and you will be directed to the Vancouver field finder website.

Club Resources

Wesburn FC is a proud supporter of Canada Soccer's Wellness to World Cup fundamentals for youth development in soccer. Our focus is to support a unified structure of soccer development set forth by Canada Soccer and BC Soccer respectively thru the soccer pathway system.


The following links are for reference by the parent or player to demonstrate Wesburn FC's support of our CSA, BCSA and Burnaby District soccer culture.

Canada Soccer Related related links: - Canadian Soccer Association

British Columbia Soccer Association related links:
Wesburn FC club related documents for reference:
Other Related Links:

Coach Resources

Coaching for Wesburn FC: 2022-2023 Season

Individuals wishing to coach at Wesburn FC please fill out this application form and submit to the club secretary at

Wesburn FC Coaching Handbook

For the complete Wesburn FC Coaching Handbook,  Click Here


For more information on the CSA \ BCSA Coaching Pathway please click here.

To consistently support our club coaches Wesburn FC promotes the CSA Coaches Tool Kit for staged developmental training:

Concussion Management and the Coach:

British Columbia Soccer Association related links:
Wesburn FC club related documents for reference:
Other Related Links:

Referee Resources

Wesburn Football Club is a strong supporter of BC Soccer's Grassroots Referee Development Program. This program is designed to better meet the needs of registered and potentially new referees at the grassroots level. This is being done by training and supporting local Head Referees, Mentors, and Schedulers who oversee refereeing in their area. The training and support is being facilitated by Referee Development Officers.


The Goal of the Grassroots Referee Development Program is:
- To raise the level of competence of all registered referees at the grassroots level across the province,
- Provide support and foster recruitment, education, development and retention of referees,
- Supply timely and relevant reporting about the referees to BC Soccer and the Referee Committee via the Referee Development Coordinator.


Parent Resources

The Educated Parent document has been designed to assist parents support their children's needs in the development of their game. A Small Sided Game is any game played with less than eleven players per side. Eleven sided soccer is an adult game devised by and for adults to enjoy. Small Sided Games are designed and developed to create and provide guidance to parents who have children playing the game of soccer. It is to supply parents the knowledge that will allow the players to grow without placing unnecessary limitations on the children. In British Columbia, Under 5 to and including Under 12, play Small Sided Games.

Ok, you have signed your child up for soccer! Now what do you do?

1. You know little to nothing about the game.
2. You know it's the most popular sport by participation numbers and you know kids love playing.
3. You know that the kids are asked to kick a round ball.
The most important thing parents need to know is that soccer is about children having fun!
It's Simple - Your Children LOVE Soccer because it is FUN!



Volunteers are the Heart and Soul of Wesburn FC. Our soccer program is regarded as one of the most successful community programs within the city of Burnaby and is offered to all who love the game. Wesburn FC is led by community volunteers & takes a tremendous amount of time and effort to run a high caliber program. Because of this, support from the families with children playing in our program is necessary to maintain the program's affordability & current standard level.

Volunteer Requirement

​We require that each family support the soccer program by volunteering for a minimum of one volunteer role per soccer season if their child or children participate at Wesburn FC. If all parents participate, the soccer program will continue to operate smoothly and efficiently. Most of the volunteer positions require only a small time commitment. Coaching and team manager positions (team personnel) are the most important positions to be filled and require about 2 to 3 hours per week.

Volunteer Roles

Several organizational roles are also available should your team personnel volunteer needs already be satisfied. Although this list is not exhaustive, please read through the following roles to understand our greatest needs and how you may be able to help. Each opportunity differs in activities and time commitment. Some positions are project or event based and require a shorter time commitment, while
others are longer term ongoing positions that will run the duration of the outdoor season. We need people like you to give some of your time, whatever works into your schedule, to help make a difference.

Club Volunteer Positions

  • Registration Support: Various positions to support our Registrar throughout the seasons as required.
  • Equipment Distribution/Return: Various positions to support our equipment distribution & return sessions.
  • Tournament Volunteers: We operate the largest U11-U18 tournament in Canada, which requires numerous volunteers to be the success that it is.
  • Game Day Home Field Marshal: Coordinates the field setup prior to the start of game day and oversees the day in case there are any issue regarding the playing field, equipment, safety, etc.
  • Committees: Currently we have a number of committees that are focused on continually improving our program. Our Development Committee and our Technical Committee are currently our two largest committees. If you have a specific passion or interest that relates to our program, this is a great way to get involved and have your say.
  • Age Group Coordinators: Prior to the start of the season, the Age Group Coordinators (AGCs) form the players into teams according to the Wesburn FC Team Formation Policy. This involves contacting, confirming and recruiting coaches (if necessary).
  • Board Members: Do not let the spectre of commitment or responsibility scare you. Our past & present board members would all agree that, outside of coaching, this is the most rewarding role within our organization. The ability to work with a great group of volunteers and staff, stewarding a community soccer program that is the envy of most others, is not an opportunity that comes along often!​

Team Volunteer Positions

Most team volunteer positions are at the discretion of the Head Coach, so there may be age/team specific roles that are not listed here (e.g. snack schedule manager, tournament coordinator, etc) that
may be required for your team. Please contact your coach at the beginning of the season to see how you
can help.

  • Coach & Assistant Coaches: Despite what you may feel; you ARE qualified to coach your children & their friends. These roles are our single biggest need each and every year and by far
    the most rewarding. Wesburn FC provides on-line and in-house training with step by step manuals for new and experienced coaches to ensure all of our players have a positive experience. We also reimburse any CSA training our coaches want to undertake themselves. A Criminal Record Check (CRC) must be completed for these roles.
  • Team Manager: Generally, this role is responsible for keeping the team organized for games & tournaments, assisting the coach with organizational tasks and acting as a liaison between parents & coaches.
  • Referee Liaison (U9 - U19): Responsible for maintaining a respectful dialogue with referees as the line of communication between the team & referees.
  • Team Equipment Manager: Responsible for all team equipment provided by Wesburn FC to the team. This may include pick-up at the beginning of the season and drop-off at season's end, as well as set-up for games & practices.
  • Communications Manager: Responsible for contacting parents/team in regard to schedule & events. Line of communication between the team and Wesburn FC.