House Overview

The goal of our house league program is to provide a rewarding, enjoyable soccer-playing experience for all participants, regardless of their skill level. Player development sessions are included in all divisions up to U11 and focus on building each player's confidence with the ball, under the supervision of our team of coaches.

To better assist parents and players new to the beautiful game we are including a guide to the BCSA small sided development guide. Please refer to our "Resources'' section under Club Resources.

The season runs from September to March and is open to all Burnaby youth between the ages of four (U5) and 10 (U11). The U4, U5 and U6 learn-to-play in a 3 v 3 format with a one night a week training session indoors. The primary focus is on fun and love of the game. The U7 to U11 groups begin to focus on pure skills development and game ready tactics. The House League environment is closely overseen by our Technical Director logging hundreds of hours carefully developing guidelines for our coaching staff to help insure each child's development meets his or her potential.

Spring and Summer sessions run from April to the end of June so it is good to check the website or ask your coach for details closer to the time.

For more information about our House League Program, please reach out to the House League Coordinator at

Little Kickers Learn to Play

(Ages 4-6)

The Learn-to-Play program is designed to teach soccer fundamentals to all children in a fun environment.

Overview (U5-U7)
The club's dedication to developing soccer talent begins at U5, U6 and U7 with the Learn To Play ( Micro) program that is designed to give all players a foundation in the ball mastery skills necessary to succeed in soccer.

Technical Direction
The Technical Directors support given to the U5-7 House League program provides specific guidelines for on-going development support to all players and coaches at the club. Extra development sessions for these age groups are provided prior to all our saturday games.

Mini Kickers

(Ages 7-9)

The competitive Minis Program runs from U8 to U10. Teams play 7 a side soccer on modified size soccer pitches.

Midway through the U8 House League season teams may interlock with other Burnaby Soccer Clubs for fun games in place of their regular Saturday morning match. The "interlocking” system will be assessed annually if enough teams have the desire to engage in this type of play.

If there is enough interest from players and parents, the club will also consider running Development teams. The Development program is extra to our regular House League program and such follows a more competitive training path. This program is open to all WBN FC house league players wishing to tryout. Selected players continue to play in House League and attend extra Development team practices thru the Fall, Spring and Summer to compete in Leagues or Tournaments.

Divisional Overview

Wesburn Football Club is committed to providing opportunities for all players to compete and develop their skills to their maximum potential at various competitive levels. The Divisional program is divided into 3 intensity levels (Division 1, Division 2 & Division 3). The Division 1 - level provides the most intensive learning environment for players with the commitment, drive and passion to pursue the sport at the highest level. The Division 2 level encompasses the same ideals of the Division 1 program for those athletes who wish to perform at a slightly lesser intensity level but with a Cup results oriented philosophy. Rounding out our Divisional program is Division 3, this level is for those athletes who are looking to enjoy the game at a more relaxed pace while still developing their skills and love of the game.

Committing to the Divisional program will give your child the 3 distinct levels to choose from in which to develop appropriately at their desired level into an elite soccer player and will foster a love of the game that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

The BC Coastal Soccer League has adopted some structural changes to its division level format. Previously the league ran divisions in Metro, Div 1, Div 2 and Div 3. Commencing in the upcoming fall soccer season for the U13 (2009 Born) intake age group Metro and Division 1 will be combined into a new competitive Division 1 elite format. For age groups U14 to U18 the existing structure (Metro, D1, 2, 3) will be grandfathered, however grandfathered Division 1 teams may choose to play at the Metro level if the appropriate ability exists. As such, changes have occurred within the Burnaby District Youth Soccer Association and Wesburn FC will now operate a U13 intake Metro level team. Burnaby District grassroots clubs have been consulting with one another on how best to approach our upcoming fall season to ensure that we are providing an option to meet all our players individual needs.

Wesburn FC is committed to furthering and improving our current programs thru researching viable options to advocate for Long Term Player Development at all levels. We are excited about our future and further announce the initiation of strategic relationships with the Vancouver Whitecaps and Mountain FC. Our priority as always is to better provide more rounded programming at all levels of play, a more unified operational collaboration and above all more development opportunities for all our players, coaches, and volunteers.

For more information about our Divisional Program, please reach out to the Divisional Coordinator at

Divisional Player Evaluations


Divisional evaluations scheduled to commence in March 2023.

Wesburn FC player evaluations are open to all new and existing players. Players wishing to attend their respective age evaluation must complete and submit the online tryout registration form. For further information or assistance please contact our divisional coordinator.

If you are unable to register online or have questions please contact the registrar.

To register today Click on the "register now" button above.

Due to the current Covid-19 restrictions all evaluations will be conducted under current safety protocols. Please refer back here periodically to ensure you have current information.

U11 Transition and Competition

At this age, player development is advanced in a competitive environment. This is an important and critical year as it begins the transition from House League to Divisional play. This transition shows the kids what can be expected in the years to come and help them decide at what level they wish to play. The U11 teams play for one more year in the Burnaby District but the focus shifts to competition. All teams play in the same Burnaby District league and their position in the standings at the end of the season helps the club decide which division the teams will enter the following fall. As the teams move forward into the older age groups winning any division leads to promotion and losing, or in some cases coming second or even third from bottom, leads to an adjustment in division class.


The Tiered Team Approach (U11)

At the discretion of the technical staff, the club may choose to field an Elite team in any given age group. Circumstances that would encourage this to happen include:

  1. A volunteer coach and a body of talented players who are willing to commit to year-round soccer.
  2. A league structure that supports tiered teams.
  3. A discrepancy in talent between the best and worst players in the program that the technical staff believes would hinder the development of all the players.

Competitive players on a tiered team are expected to train once a week and play in a league thru the winter. These teams are selected based on ability and also commitment. players that do not want to commit over the winter should play on the strong second team.

Adult BMSL

2022-2023 Adult Mens BMSL Player Tryouts

WFC's Adult Men's team open tryouts are now concluded. For any new individual wishing to request consideration to tryout please email the WFC Adult Team Coordinator.


WFC's Adult Men's team open tryouts are now concluded. For any new individual wishing to request consideration to tryout please email the WFC Adult Team Coordinator at

Soccer University

Content coming soon...


Vancouver Whitecaps FC Network Partner Program


Wesburn FC is proud to announce it has entered into a partnership with the Vancouver Whitecaps in their Network Partner Program. This program brings together two great organizations focused on guiding Players and Coaches along their respective development pathways.

The Whitecaps FC Network Partner Program provides Wesburn FC with the opportunity to team up with the Whitecaps to grow and develop their soccer operations. Network Partners clubs’ benefit through technical services, curriculum, coach development, exclusive insider access to events, and developmental pathway opportunities.

Why Wesburn FC chose to become a Whitecaps FC Network Partner :

  • Technical Management: Philosophy, curriculum, and training programs
  • Coach Development: Developing, mentoring and recruiting
  • Player Services: Player and team development, specialized pathways
  • On-Site Specific Technical Support
  • Virtual and On-Site Services for Players and Coaches